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EventInventory is the leading software and service provider specializing in the development of cutting-edge technology and products designed expressly for today’s online ticketing professional. We meet the needs of your business today while constantly striving to improve your profitability tomorrow through new products and services

Our Web store plug-in—utilized by the vast majority of ticket brokers in the United States—gives you access to the largest, most accurate premium ticketing database in the world.

If you currently have a Web site, the EventInventory plug-in enables you to make this vast inventory available to all your site visitors. Our industry standard XML Web Services provide complete customization capabilities, enabling you to sell under your own brand name with advanced markup and ticket display capabilities set by you.

If you do not have a custom Web site, we can help you build one. Not yet ready to build and manage your own site? Not a problem. You can still list your tickets and enjoy access to the EventInventory database and broker network via the Web while tapping in to the most powerful ticket distribution channel available.

EventInventory is the software company that will provide your business with a distinct competitive advantage. Give us a call to learn what EventInventory can do for you. You’ll be glad you did.

For more information, please contact us at 1-877-800-EIEI (3434) or by email at partnerservices@ticketmaster.com.

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